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By nature, I have always been artistic. No matter the medium, I am constantly looking for a way to express how I see and feel the world. Our experiences are what make us who we are and I have found that photography can embrace every walk of our lives. There is not a moment in my past that hasn’t been documented by photos, they may not be beautiful photos, but I cherish them just the same. Now that I have learned the art of photography, I have been able to use this artistic medium to capture the moments in not only my life, but others as well. 

I started my journey as a photographer in High School but never gave much thought into being a Professional photographer until after I had my first child. My precious, tiny son was simply too much for my eyes to handle. I NEEDED to take photos every single day and was stunned at the rate in which he grew and how quickly his baby features left and his grown up features emerged. He is still young but growing just as fast every day. Since starting my business my husband and I welcomed our second & third children and I feel even more of a draw to document them each every waking moment. I understand how important these photos are, I embrace your photos as tenderly as I embrace my own. In these past years I have been so incredibly bless. I have a wonderful, passionate, supportive husband who has allowed me to grow and has guided me, supporting me as I take each step down this path in my life! I cannot imagine this road the same without him or my mini-uses! 


I specialize in newborn, child and family photography but still embrace every opportunity of life experiences. Every moment is an occasion for memories and I am open to any ideas you may have. Beautiful photography should be available to everyone; I strive to price my sessions affordably. Please let me know if you have any questions using my Contact page, I love meeting new people. 

Kali Eden Photography from Capture the Moments Productions on Vimeo.


Photo by ES Photography