Baby W Birth Story, Elk River MN ~ Newborn Photographer

July 14, 2015  •  7 Comments

**Naturally with birth photography comes nudity. Please do not view this page if natural birth makes you uncomfortable. I do not require my clients to allow me to show these photos but am happy to share when I have full consent**


At precisely 7:07pm, Monday July 6th I received the call, Mama W was in labor and I should hurry over as her previous baby had come quick! My husband wasn't home so I packed up my own two littles and raced to Elk River! Luckily my husband wasn't too far and was able to meet me so I could photograph this amazing birth! I was the first there and greeted by Daddy. He was on Mama's phone, waiting...waiting for the midwife to arrive and helping her through the contractions. Mama was doing amazing and breathing through painful contractions on her living room floor.

A midwife arrived to lend a hand although it was not Mama's midwife. Luckily she was not far! Daddy continued to be an amazing support, rubbing her back and staying calm by her side.

Mama's midwife arrived and Mama quickly decided she wanted to move to the tub to labor. 

I have never witnessed such amazing strength from another person. Not long after the Midwifes arrival, at 8pm, Baby GIRL W was born.

Beautiful, perfect and chunky, this little love graced her way earthside! <3 

Mama and Dad, so happy, so proud!

Mama started nursing her and she was such a champ, latching instantly! (I may have been a little jealous here :P )

Because baby girl could not be in the water we all moved to the bedroom to relax and allow Mama some time to recover and admire her amazing little gift. Both parents relaxed after a quick and emotionally exhausting day!

The placenta....amazing? Um heck yes! 

More Daddy skin to skin and measurements...he did not stop staring at her, it was beautiful

It was getting late and with the older children already asleep at a neighbors I agreed to come back in the morning to photograph their first meeting! 

And then there were five, happily ever after! <3


I stumbled upon this while taking a break working on my thesis at Panera. The folks around me must be wondering what is going on because this set brought me to tears over and over again.
absolutely beautiful!! Some of these moments that got captured made me cry. What an amazing miracle u have shared, thank u!!!:)
What a BEAUTIFUL capture!! Congrats on that family and such a strong mama~ truly beautiful
love this, wish i could be as brave as you!!
Absolutely beautiful!!
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