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February 22, 2016  •  3 Comments

Over the past couple of years of starting this amazing business of mine I have been on a constant journey. A journey to find a studio that speaks to me and works 100% for my photographic visions. I have viewed countless spaces, met so many leasing agents, mets more photographers that have now become friends in possibly sharing and I have even shared with a few of those. This last venture in Elk River has been amazing and a lot of work went into that space to make it as beautiful as it is. I love working in it and the feel of the space however it is not mine because I share. Studio sharing is very common in this industry because holy cow, it is super duper expensive to rent retail space, like ridiculously expensive! But it's not always easy especially when you own a growing business and you see the calendar filling up with your sessions and making it nearly impossible for others to schedule and feeling guilty. I try so hard to get everyone in and not work every day but that can be very hard when taking into account so many schedules! Not only scheduling but I have so many ideas and ways that I would like things to fit in line with my visions and business ideals. I want the flexibility to be able to carry out these ideas without necessarily including others into that or getting their approval. This is after all, my business and my success on the line, right? 

On a random day of driving around with my niece, I was in a town I am literally never in but saw a FOR LEASE sign right off of a busy intersection. Something told me to stop and peer into the window. I did....to my disbelief, I could instantly see myself there. This has happened to me a ton of times because I can envision a space at its best and how I could utilize it. But after I call, the price is always ridiculous and there I am again, sad and frustrated that my dream of having my very own space will never come to realization. When I made this call however, not only was the price reasonable but I could actually afford it and without raising my prices! I set up a showing and fell in love. I spoke with my husband, a couple of close friends, pondered over the positives and negatives regarding the space and ultimately came to the decision to take the leap and make it my own. 

One huge fear of mine, and why I haven't announced it until now is because of the location. Like I said before it is an area that I really never went to....well until now :P and I was worried I would lose clients because of the location change. A close friend of mine made the point, people were willing to drive 45 + mins to visit me in NE Mpls, they will be willing to travel to this location as well. I so desperately hope that is true! So the drive may be longer for you or it may not, In reality how many times will you be at my studio in a year? 2? 3? So I hope my passion, skill and appreciation for my clients will make that little drive worth it to you all! Because I know I am worth it and so is this space! 

It has taken a lot of work, cleaning, painting, floor installation, barn-wood shopping, and much much more but the space is almost done! We will be renovating the rest room in the next few weeks and then it will be done and the best part.....it is all mine! No more sharing, I can make any changes I need, schedule whenever my clients want and hopefully continue to grow this business that I love so so so very much! 

This barn wood wall/floor is one of a kind. Each piece was hand picked and hand placed by yours truly! It is my own special work of art that is large enough for family images! :) I now also have a seamless paper drop that can also fit families! 

I have already started moving things over to my new space and have photographed a couple of sessions there but will remain in the Elk River location carrying out previously scheduled sessions until the end of April. Look through below to view the journey I have undergone renovating my space! This is my last and final move...this is my works home and my space. I hope to see you all there soon! 

There is still a ton of final touches to touch up but I am so so so excited! Check out how far its come by viewing the images below and check out the awesome sample images taken at my new space above!!!! Come visit me, check out my new studio and get a Spring Mini Session while you are at it on March 12th! 501 1st St, Princeton, MN :) Kali Eden Photography


I even have my own canvases on the walls now!!!! Eeeeeeppppp!!!!!

All previously scheduled session from now until May 1st will still take place at the Elk River location unless we have otherwise talked about it or if you would prefer to come to my new space let me know! 



So excited for you girl!!! Best wishes!
Kali Eden Photography- Elk River, MN
Thank you so much Michelle! I will do an open house within the next couple of months so people can come by, see the space and meet me! :)
Kali, this is so exciting. Your new space looks amazing
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